HighTech Signs has been in business since 1991.
We have served many customers and they always give us big thumbs up for our work.

That’s because Hightech Signs is the only company that practices “the art of visual marketing” on every sign and banner we sell. That means you can count on a Hightech sign to motivate your customers as well as communicate your message. Our state-of-the-art Montreal facilities allow us to give you the best quality and fastest turn-around at prices that maximise your budget. That makes signvertising to your customers effective and affordable.

Take advantage of a good sign and attracted to more customers. We provide you signs on window, banners, vinyl on cars, coroplast signs, menu boxes, thin LED indoor signs and custom made flags.

Points to Consider Before Buying Your New Sign

Will Your Sign Be...

Permanent or Temporary?
Used Indoors or Outdoors?
Do you need Specific Colors?
Will your Sign be Illuminated?
Internally or Externally?
What Message do You want to Portray?


What should be most prominent?

Your Product or Service?
Your Phone Number?
Your Company's Name?







Helpful Tips For Designing Your New Sign


Use light color on dark
Use dark color on light
avoid light color on light



Color Combinations:

Red on white
Black on white
Blue on white
Dark green on beige
Blue on yellow

Viewing Distance

Letter Height Maximum Impact*
1 inch 10 Feet
3 inch  30 Feet
10 inch  100 Feet
30 inch  300 Feet